Lunteren Symposium Committee

The task of the NVVI Lunteren Symposium Committee is the organization of the annual symposium in Lunteren and courses, symposia and conferences in general about subjects which may be relevant either to all members or a certain category of the members or to outsiders interested in immunology.

Members of the NVVI Lunteren Symposium Committee

Monika Wolkers, Chair, Sanquin, Amsterdam
Gertie Schreibelt, Treasurer, RadboudUMC
Sandra van Vliet, Secretary General, AmsterdamUMC, locatie VUmc
Jeroen den Dunnen, AmsterdamUMC, Locatie AMC
José Borghans, UMC Utrecht
Wendy Unger, ErasmusMC
Martijn Nawijn, UMC Groningen
Uli Scherer, LUMC
Lotte Wieten, MUMC

more information about NVVI Lunteren Symposia

   NVVI logo def vrijstaand 350 Dutch Society for Immunology (NVVI)
Meibergdreef 15 - Location AMC - L3-109
1105 AZ Amsterdam - The Netherlands
Email: [email protected]

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